Fort Collins False Reporting to Authorities Attorney
False Rape Accusations as Revenge

A woman was convicted of False Reporting to Authorities after falsely accusing a taxi driver of sexually assaulting her. Read more about this story here.

When a crime is reported to the Fort Collins Police or Larimer County Sheriff, the accusations are taken very seriously. This is why a false accusation can mean a victim suddenly becomes a defendant. A woman recently accused a taxi driver of sexually assaulting her as an act of revenge. The driver apparently refused to accept the cash she was offering, as she was drunk and the money was covered in food oil. Angry with the driver, she went to police to report the fake assault. During the driver’s trial, she was questioned and eventually admitted to lying. She was then charged and found guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice, the equivalency of False Reporting in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park.

Larimer County False Reporting to Authorities Lawyer: Definition of False Reporting

The Larimer, Boulder, and Grand County, Colorado definition of False Reporting to Authorities – C.R.S. 18-8-111(1)(b) – is:

A person commits false reporting to authorities, if:

(b) He makes a report or knowingly causes the transmission of a report to law enforcement authorities of a crime or other incident within their official concern when he knows that it did not occur;

Because the woman reported a Sexual Assault that she knows did not occur, she faced these charges. Providing fake identifying information, pulling a fire alarm when you know there is no fire, or offering fake information regarding a crime that was committed can also result in False Reporting charges.

Sentence for False Reporting to Authorities in Loveland and Boulder

As a class 3 misdemeanor in Loveland and Boulder, False Reporting is punishable by up to 6 months in the Larimer County Jail plus fines. As a part of the sentence, restitution will also be ordered. For the woman above, she could be forced to pay all the attorney’s fees her victim had to shell out in defense of the false accusations. Any lost wages could also be a part of the restitution claim.

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