Fort Collins Complicity Lawyer in Larimer County

Have you been charged with a crime based on Complicity? Read more about your charges and how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help protect you.
When investigating a crime like Menacing, if Fort Collins Police find out you had anything to do with a crime, even something as simple as encouraging your friend to do it, you can be charged with a Complicity based crime.

Larimer County Complicity Attorney: What is the Definition of Complicity?

C.R.S. 18-1-603 – Complicity – is defined by Colorado law as:

A person is legally accountable as principal for the behavior of another constituting a criminal offense if, with the intent to promote or facilitate the commission of the offense, he or she aids, abets, advises, or encourages the other person in planning or committing the offense.

You do not have to be present when the crime is committed to be considered Complicit. A Complicity based crime is charged when there is any assistance before the crime was committed.

Fort Collins Complicity Lawyer: What is the Sentence for Complicity in Fort Collins?

Because the law is making you accountable for someone else’s actions, you will be charged the same as the person who committed the crime in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. Complicity is not a charge itself. Instead, it is a legal term, which allows Larimer County District Attorneys to charge you with the same crime as long as you played a role. So, if you drove your boyfriend to a friend’s house and on the way there he told you about how he was going to steal the stereo, you may be charged with the same felony Theft crime as your boyfriend, even though you didn’t actually commit the Theft.

Examples of Complicity in Larimer County

If you encourage your friend to go Assault someone who has disrespected him, you may be considered Complicit in the crime. This means you would be charged with Second Degree Assault along with your friend, even though you didn’t lay a finger on anyone. Or, maybe you lent your gun to a family member with the understanding they were using it for a Robbery. Once you are linked to the weapon, you can be charged with Robbery because of Complicity in Larimer, Boulder or Grand County.

So if you or someone you care about is charged with a crime based on Complicity anywhere in Colorado, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us at 970-658-0007. Together we can protect your future.