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 21 reviews
by Brittany Schoonover on O'Malley Law Office
Greatest Law firm ever!!!!

Had a great experience with the O'Malley law firm!!! Sean P Harrell worked on my case!! He is the worlds greatest lawyer ever!! I was very impressed with him and his staff!! They treat you like family!! He is very, very professional, he is always on time to every single meeting and court appearances and he went out of his way and above and beyond to help me out!! And he was truelly and genuinely caring about me and my case. I will definitely be using this law firm again when I need help. I would highly recommend Sean P. Harrell and the O'Malley law firm to all my friends and anyone who need great legal help.

by Brittany schoonover on O'Malley Law Office
Great lawyers!! Love this law office

This is the greatest law firm ever!!! Sean P. Harrell worked on my case. He was amazing and did an awesome job!! He was very, very professional, Was always on time to every meeting and every court date and he was truly and genuinely caring about me and my case!!! He is an excellent attorney and So are the staff! He went above and beyond to help me out!!! I will definitely be using this law firm again if I ever need help!! Would highly recommend Sean P. Harrell and the staff here.

by Roy Parkes on O'Malley Law Office
by Roy on O'Malley Law Office

Allegations were made about me which were wholly false. A hearing date before a magistrate was set. A hearing or trial is not about the "truth". It is about stories, lies, rules of evidence, judicial filter and bias (our Supreme Court can be 4 and 4 on issues for and against what others may perceive to be the "truth") and whether a standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt" seems to have been met or not in jurists' minds that perceive 'reality' differently.. Therefore exceptional attorneys know 'when' to present some thing in court, 'what' to submit and 'how' to present it in the context of the stark reality of our legal system of 'justice'. I fully endorse Sean Harrell of the O'Malley Law Firm as such an attorney. The allegations against me that he defended were dismissed.

by Ravi K on O'Malley Law Office

Thank You for taking care of my case and I sincerely appreciate for all the help and support you have provided me during the past year. I am happy for the legal services I received from your esteemed organization. My special Thank You to Mr. Sean Harrell and your staff at O'Malley Law Office. I have had difficult times but I knew I was in good hands when we approached your organization for legal services, and the level of support and motivation you have provided to us was outstanding, we will never forget in our life.With the success in my case, I feel comfortable to move on in my career path and pursue my career goals. I am confident and looking forward for a bright future ahead and I feel very bold to say I have never been charged. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Sean and his team from the bottom of my heart for your proficiency in resolving critical issues and protecting our human rights. I strongly recommend O'Malley Law Services to meet your legal services, you are in expert hands.

by Susanna on O'Malley Law Office

Yay for the O'Malley Law Office!

by Kandice G. on O'Malley Law Office

Last year I made a colossal mistake needing representation to prevent possible jail time and a huge fine. As soon as I realized I would need a lawyer I found O'Malley Law Office online. Sean Harrell was the first person I spoke with, during the call he was patient while I told him my situation. Sean met my boyfriend and I with a handshake and a smile at the free consultation. He then spent the next hour explaining his background and how he would be able to help me out of the mess I had created for myself. I was impressed with his work, his experience and the time he gave me. When court came, not only did he keep me out of jail and only court fees to pay, he gave me peace of mind. If you need representation do yourself a favor and call O'Malley law office!

by Jillian D. on O'Malley Law Office

I was very pleased with Sean being my lawyer. He gave me great advice and was very helpful during my case. He also answered any of my questions or concerns in a timely manner, and was also a very respectful person in general. I was very happy to have him represent me! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer!

by Janet M. on O'Malley Law Office
Terry Gave Us Our Lives Back!

We had the best experience with Terry O'Malley and his entire office. Terry went the extra mile to take care of us. He did an amazing job with all the pretrial preparation and dedicated a lot of his time to our case. He kept in touch with us and kept us up to date on everything that was happening. He did an awesome job in the courtroom and had a very powerful closing which led us to a well deserved Not Guilty verdict for someone that was wrongly accused!! Can't thank Terry, Jenna, Gregg and Jennifer enough for all their help. They really cared about us. We highly recommend Terry O'Malley to represent you. My husband and I can't thank him enough. He is one person that will work hard for you to win your case. We'll never forget Terry and we feel like he is a part of our family now. He gave us our lives back!

by Michelle D - DVM, PhD, MS on O'Malley Law Office
Kyle Sawyer: Impressive Attorney

“Kyle Sawyer was incredibly compassionate regarding my situation and personal safety (both physical and mental), while maintaining objectivity. He offered relevant legal perspective with respect and insight. After my initial consultation with Mr. Sawyer, the stress and concern I had regarding this situation (protection order hearing) significantly decreased. Mr. Sawyer made it clear he had my best interest in mind repeatedly through his actions during our conversations as well as in court.

This situation came at a particularly difficult and stressful time in my life…without Mr. Sawyer’s compassionate professional assistance, I would have had to take a leave of absence…delaying my ability to obtain employment. It is with incredible sincerity that I extend my thanks to him and am motivated to let you know what an impressive job he is doing. If the opportunity arises, I will highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.”

by A. Rendon on O'Malley Law Office

Our family is very grateful to the O'Malley Law Office! Gregg was so persistent with our case and the end result was what we wanted. He was truly concerned about our situation, continuously updated me, and genuinely gave it his all to accomplish our goal. I am forever grateful as the result of our case affected our family for the rest of our lives.

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