Burglary Defense Attorney in Larimer County

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In Larimer and Boulder County, you will be charged with burglary if you are accused of entering a building, facility or locked structure unlawfully, with the intent to commit a crime. In order for burglary to be charged, there must be an underlying intent to commit a crime. This underlying crime is usually the intent to commit theft, but it could always be a crime like assault or vandalism. The severity (or degree) of the offense is calculated based on: the underlying crime and the type of facility that was broken into.

Information about the Three Degrees of Burglary

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First Degree Burglary

This is the most severe burglary charge. In order to be accused of this offense, an assault or menacing of a person while entering or fleeing the building must occur; or the possession of a deadly weapon. First Degree Burglary is a Class 3 felony, and you could be imprisoned in the Colorado Department of Corrections for up to 12 years.

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Second Degree Burglary

Like all burglary charges, second degree burglary is charged when a person enters a building unlawfully with the intent to commit a crime. But, you can also be charged with second degree burglary if you entered a building lawfully, but remained inside illegally. Common underlying crimes are usually the intent to commit theft or assault. The sentence for a felony is imprisonment in the Department of Corrections.

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Third Degree Burglary

This type of burglary is the lowest degree, and is therefore the least serious. It includes allegations that a person broke into a vault, locked container, or safe. The underlying crime for third degree burglary in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park is almost always the intent to commit theft. Third degree Burglary is a Class 5 felony in Larimer County, which has a sentence of 1-4 years in prison.

Why Do I Need a Larimer County Burglary Defense Attorney?

Colorado Burglary statutes are complex, and the penalties are severe. You need an experienced Burglary defense attorney in Larimer County who will fight hard to protect you. We will evaluate whether or not the District Attorney can prove that you had the intent to commit an underlying crime. It is possible we can defend you by proving lack of intent, or consent to be on the property.

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