Offenses Against Decency

Charged with one of the Fort Collins Municipal Court Offenses Against Decency? Read more about your charges and why you need an attorney on your side.

Article VIII. Offenses Against Decency

There are three offenses listed under the Offenses Against Decency in the Fort Collins Municipal Code. Below are the two most commonly charged offenses in Fort Collins, Colorado.

 Sec. 17-141 Carrying or Drinking Liquor in Certain Places

A Municipal Court Carrying or Drinking Liquor in Certain Places ticket is issued when a person carries an open container of liquor on a street, sidewalk, public or private school, college or university or any other public place. Drinking liquor in any of these areas is also against the Fort Collins Municipal Code.

 Sec. 17-142 Public Indecency

Public Indecency is charged in the City of Fort Collins Municipal Court when a person exposes himself or herself in a public place. Any exposure of male or female genitals or buttocks or female breasts would be prohibited under this article.

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