Police Involved Crimes in Fort Collins and Larimer County

Police involved crimes can be serious in Ft. Collins and Loveland. If you have been charged, contact us for a FREE consultation to protect your freedom.In most cases, charges involving police / peace officers or deputy sheriffs as victims in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park are unwarranted.  The state of Colorado gives special status to police officers to encourage submissiveness to the enforcement of Colorado law. As a result, Colorado police and sheriffs regularly disrespect the public and rudely make demands offensive to good manners. Law enforcement will abuse their special status to make their jobs easier and to obtain evidence for convictions.  In most cases, it is generally best to remain silent and do what police demand. In some cases though, a polite refusal will preserve your Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.

Law enforcement officers frequently aggravate circumstances which arouses the frustration or anger of citizens they contact in the course of their work.  The result is police and sheriff deputies as victims of crimes.  This broad class of criminal offenses in Larimer County has more harsh punishments than crimes committed against normal citizens:

Misdemeanor Police Crimes in Larimer County

Common situations involve police or sheriff deputies telling a person to leave the scene or “butt out” when law enforcement officers are questioning a friend.  We also see situations where obstacles are set up by our clients to prevent law enforcement from entering a home – or where access is rightfully denied to a home.  Since police are used to everyone doing what they say, they charge crimes like Obstruction of a Peace / Police Officer with little reluctance.  These are easy crimes to prosecute since obtaining the cooperation of a “victim” is unnecessary.  In other cases, failing to stand still while Police abuse someone and arrest them without cause results in Resisting Arrest charges.  Finally, the last misdemeanor police crime is False Reporting.  This crime involves providing inaccurate information to police, or the reporting of a crime which did not occur.  Most often, we see this crime charged for persons who give police an incorrect address, phone number or date of birth.  While not arising to felony conduct like Criminal Impersonation, it does make the officer’s job more difficult and is seen as an attempt to avoid prosecution.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”97%”]Crimes against police officers have harsher punishments than crimes committed against normal citizens. [/pullquote]

Fort Collins Felony Police Involved Crimes

The two most serious police involved crimes are Assault in the Second Degree and Escape.  An Assault in the Second Degree charge can result in mandatory prison in the event of a conviction.  Generally, if any “bodily injury” to a peace or police officer results, the case qualifies for this mandatory prison felony.  Escape will result in felony charges if a person is being held for felony charges and a misdemeanor if held for misdemeanor charges.

Impersonating a Police / Peace Officer in Larimer County is a class six felony.  This crime involves a person pretending to be a Peace / Police Officer and in that capacity, performs an act.  Presumably that act must be one for gain and something which a police officer would normally do.  The more personal gain and the more harm to another, we expect the Larimer County District Attorney would prosecute the crime as a felony and perhaps seek a prison sentence.

Sentences for Police Involved Crimes

Punishments for each of these offenses vary greatly, usually dependent on a person’s prior criminal history and whether or not physical injury results to a police officer or victim.  Because many of these crimes are classified as felonies, you need a Larimer County lawyer familiar with the Loveland, Estes Park and Fort Collins district attorneys.

Our attorneys at the O’Malley Law Office, P.C., have handled police involved crimes many times before. We can mount a strong defense on your behalf.  So, if you have been contacted by police or the sheriff about any of these crimes, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call us at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.


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