Offenses Against Public Authority

Have you been charged with Offenses Against Public Authority in Fort Collins Municipal Court? Why you need a lawyer to protect you and your future.

Article IV. Offenses Against Public Authority

Here are the most commonly ticketed offenses Under Chapter 17 Article IV of Fort Collins Municipal Code.

Sec. 17-63 Interference with Public Officers

Municipal Court Interference with Public Officers tickets are issued when a person impedes, impairs, or hinders any police officer, firefighter, or any other city employee acting under official authorization to perform a sanctioned duty. This can be through the use or threat of violence, force, or by providing untrue or misleading information. This offense can also be charged if an officer directs someone to move away from an area and the person remains.

Sec. 17-64 Resisting Arrest

A Resisting Arrest summons is issued in Fort Collins Municipal Court when a person tries to stop or stops a police officer acting under color of official authority from arresting any person by use or threat of violence or any other method that could cause bodily injury to the police officer.

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