Offenses Against Public Peace

Charged with one of the Fort Collins Municipal Court Offenses Against Public Peace? Read more about your charges and why you need a lawyer on your side.

Article VII. Offenses Against Public Peace

There are quite a few Offenses Against Public Peace in the Fort Collins Municipal Code. Below are the three most commonly charged offenses in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sec. 17-121 Disturbing the Peace

A Fort Collins Municipal Disturbing the Peace ticket is issued when a person disrupts, tries to disrupt, or helps disrupt the peace of others by violence, noisy, offensive, disorderly or disruptive behavior. Any person who allows this behavior on their property can also be charged with this offense.

Sec. 17-124 Disorderly Conduct

A Fort Collins Municipal Court Disorderly Conduct summons or ticket is issued when a person makes an obscene gesture, statement or display that provokes others to feel unsafe. This can also be charged in the event of a fight in a public place or if someone displays a deadly weapon with the intent to alarm others.

Sec. 17-126 Harassment

Harassment is charged in the Fort Collins Municipal Court when a person intends to harass, bother or frighten another person by:

  • Hitting, kicking, shoving or having physical contact with them, or
  • Directing obscene language or gestures toward them in a public place, or
  • Following them around in a public place, or
  • Using telephone, texting, or a computer to communicate harassing or obscene messages, or
  • Making repeated telephone calls (whether answered or not) without the purpose of having a genuine conversation, or
  • Making repeated attempts to communicate with them at bothersome hours that interferes with their privacy, or
  • Insulting, taunting or challenging them in order to incite a violent or disorderly reaction.

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