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If you are facing charges of murder, homicide or manslaughter in Larimer County, you need an advocate to fight for your freedom. When a person has died from a shooting, knife wound, or car wreck and you are charged, you will feel the full weight of the justice system. Because the consequences of a murder conviction are so harsh, it is vital for your life and freedom to have an experienced Fort Collins murder and homicide defense attorney to plan your court case, and defend you in court.

The following charges are related to the death of another person:

  • Murder in the First Degree – C.R.S. 18-3-102
  • Murder in the Second Degree – C.R.S. 18-3-103
  • Manslaughter – C.R.S. 18-3-104
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide – C.R.S. 18-3-105
  • Vehicular Homicide – C.R.S. 18-3-106
  • First Degree Murder of a Peace Office or Firefighter – C.R.S. 18-3-107

If a person has died as a result of your actions, whether it be as the result of another crime, or because you were drinking and driving, the consequences you face are serious. The sentence of the above charges range anywhere from a Class 1 to a Class 5 felony, and the maximum sentence is life imprisonment (in the Colorado Department of Corrections) or death. Because of the dire consequences, you need a passionate Fort Collins murder and homicide defense attorney to fight on your side.

Why You Need an Experienced Fort Collins Murder and Homicide Defense Attorney

Expert Witnesses:

You need an experienced criminal lawyer working on your case. The police often manipulate evidence and create bogus charges. We do not rely on police reports for our defense – we find the people who will speak on your behalf. We have a network of people, such as investigators, counselors, and forensic personnel who we can call as expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. We know that you have a no-contact order in Larimer County, and cannot contact the people who can testify in your favor. We will work to find the best witnesses for your defense.

Defense Against Murder Charges:

There are many possible defenses against murder, homicide and manslaughter charges in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. If you were defending yourself when attacked, and the only way to do so was to kill the other person, we can use your self-defense argument. Or, we can prove that you were simply negligent or irresponsible. While the last two are still serious offenses, they remove the element of premeditation. By utilizing these defenses, we will greatly limit the punishment the district attorney, prosecutor and judge can issue. A trial defense or plea can result in a sentence of community corrections or probation instead of prison time.

The Role of Alcohol in Murder Cases:

Alcohol greatly inhibits your ability to drive. It affects your ability to make decisions. It can also be used in your defense, because it inhibits your “intent to commit” murder. We will call in accident reconstructionists, chemists, doctors, polygraph examiners and psychologists to prove that you were incapable of premeditation. We will put these experts to work on your case immediately.

We Will Not Judge:

If you choose us as your criminal defense attorneys, it is our job to defend you, not to judge your actions. We will fight to uphold your constitutional rights. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will talk with you about the defense options, and we will give you valuable information concerning your case. You will be free to decide whether we are the right choice to be your advocate in court.

Exercise your Right to Remain Silent:

The most important thing to remember if you are facing murder or homicide charges in Larimer County is to remain silent. Do not speak with ANYONE about your case. The police are gathering evidence against you. They are not on your side. Do not speak about your case with investigators, family members, fellow inmates, the police, or court personnel. The prosecution will use anything you say against you. They wi take your words out of context, and will even exploit the emotional state in which you said anything about your case. Even a sense of remorse can be used as evidence of your guilt. You have the right to remain silent – so use it.

If you or a loved one is facing charges related to the death of another person, you need an experienced Fort Collins murder and homicide defense attorney by your side. Be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact the O’Malley Law Office at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.


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