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If you give the wrong information to police, you could be charged with False Reporting. Contact us for a FREE consultation today to defend your future.False Reporting to Authorities, C.R.S. 18-8-111, deals with many circumstances involving fire alarms, reports of crimes, or furnishing incorrect identifying information (name, address, phone, date of birth, social security number).

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”center” width=”52%”]If you give a false name to a police officer, you could be charged with False Reporting. [/pullquote]

Police most frequently charge this crime when persons furnish an incorrect name to officers in order to avoid prosecution.  We see this occur when a person’s driver’s license is suspended or revoked, or when someone does not plan on showing up at court and they falsely complete a summons.  Unfortunately, the person will give the name and date of birth of a friend or relative – who is later arrested for failure to appear under the summons.

The Sentence for False Reporting

While this crime is usually only a class three misdemeanor, it can have life-long consequences to a person’s criminal record.  The crime implies a dishonest character, and a disregard for the safety or well being of others.  For example, if a fire alarm was deactivated or if a false alarm was set off, firefighters will be unable to respond to legitimate fires or distracted by false ones.  Lives could be lost or innocent people could be arrested.

You Must Provide Correct Information

Colorado law requires men and women to provide Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park Police with correct identifying information, such as their name, date of birth and address.  Citizens are not allowed to activate a fire alarm when there is no fire, disable a fire alarm, or report a crime which did not occur.

If you feel your conduct might amount to a violation of the law and police want to speak with you about a False Reporting to Authorities charge in Larimer County, Weld County or Jackson County, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form.  Together, we can protect your future.


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