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While not required, police agencies in Larimer County charge the offense of Internet Luring of a Child almost exclusively as the result of police stings.  It is rare for a real child to be involved.  This raises the question as to the need for this offense if only police are contacting individuals engaging in prohibited conduct.  To qualify for this offense, officers have a check list which they must complete in order to be successful in a court prosecution.  The elements which a person must do are:

  • Knowingly communicate over a computer or telephone, text, or instant message;
  • To a person he knows or believes to be under fifteen;
  • Describe explicit sexual conduct in the communication;
  • Make a statement persuading or inviting the child to meet for any purpose;
  • The actor must be 4 years older than the “child”

These elements cannot be the result of Entrapment, which is an affirmative defense to the charges.  Internet Luring of a Child is normally a class five felony, but rises to a class four felony if the purpose of meeting is for the intent to engage in sexual exploitation or sexual contact.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”75%”]This offense is charged almost exclusively as the result of police stings; it is rare for a real child to be involved.[/pullquote]

Police Stings and Internet Luring of a Child

Colorado law enforcement in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park receive federal money grants to fish for men and women on-line.  As a result, officers take up residence in sex based chat rooms, such as Yahoo’s Romance Chat.  Once there, officers pose as children and try to lead people who are there for sex talk into meeting the above elements.  In Colorado, “explicit sexual conduct” follows a complex definition.  You will benefit from the assistance of an experienced Colorado criminal lawyer to sort through its intricate definition.

Arrests In Every State

Larimer County officers and sheriff deputies travel to homes across the United States to seize computers and arrest those who have been in the chat rooms talking with the “child” (really the officer pretending to be a child).  Once back in Colorado, men and women who have been arrested must post bond and hire a lawyer.

What is the Sentence for Internet Luring of a Child?

Internet Luring of a Child is a sex offense in Colorado, and is subject to the harsh Sex Offender Management Board treatment standards and SOISP (sex offender intensive supervised probation).  In Larimer County, Jackson County, Weld County and across the state, common restrictions on sex offender probation include no contact with children, limitations on where a person can live, job restrictions and sex offender registration.  It is difficult to successfully complete probation when a person is cut off from their home, family and finances.  A rock solid defense team is a must.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”70%”]Entrapment is an affirmative defense to this offense. Isn’t your life worth of a full-scale defense?[/pullquote]

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Our lawyers have been successfully defending people accused of sex offenses for over twenty-three years.  Our team includes:

  • Forensic computer examiners
  • Private investigators
  • Expert witnesses
  • A medical team

These men and women have a successful track record of stopping the government’s abuse of citizens with charges like Internet Luring of a Child.  Isn’t your life worthy of a full scale defense?

Be smart, exercise your right to remain silent (don’t give your statement to the police), and call our attorneys at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.


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