Offenses Against Property

What are the commonly ticketed Offenses Against Property violations in Ft. Collins? Read more about these charges and why you need a lawyer for your case.Article III. Offenses Against Property

There are ten Offenses Against Property violations you can be ticketed for in Fort Collins. Here are the most common.

Sec. 17-36 Theft

A Municipal Court Theft summons is issued when a person takes something of value (worth $1,000 or less) from another person without the owner’s permission, and with the intent to never give the item back. A Municipal Theft ticket would not be issued if the item taken is worth more than $1,000.

Sec. 17-39 Criminal Mischief

Municipal Court Criminal Mischief is charged by summons or ticket when a person destroys, injures, or damages someone’s personal property and the damage totals less than $1,000. Pets or animals can be considered personal property in these circumstances. Municipal Criminal Mischief would not be charged if the property damage totals more than $1,000. The case would be charged in Larimer County Court.

Sec. 17-40 Trespass | Trespassing

Municipal Trespass tickets are issued by the Fort Collins police when a person unlawfully enters or stays in or on real property without the property owner’s consent. This can involve trespassing on public or private property including land, a building, a house, an apartment, or a vehicle. It also covers any property owned by the railroad as well as any sculptures or statues on public or private property.

Sec. 17-41 Littering

A Municipal Littering summons is issued by the Fort Collins police when a person leaves or throws loose rubbish, trash, garbage or paper on any public or private property. This also includes leaving trash, garbage or paper loose on a person’s own property where the wind can blow or scatter it onto other property.

Sec. 17-45 Damage to Public Property

Damage to Public Property is charged by ticket or summons when a person damages, vandalizes or destroys any public property without authorization. In this circumstance, public property can include a “street, sidewalk, curb, gutter, traffic control sign or signal, or any other public property or equipment.” As part of this summons, the accused will be responsible for paying all repair costs incurred by the City of Fort Collins.

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