Fort Collins and Larimer County Sex Offender Treatment

Charged with a Sex Offense? Read more about Sex Offender Treatment and what may be expected of you. Contact a lawyer at O'Malley Law Office to help you.
If you are reading this, you need to be extremely careful of the next step you take. The harsh and unforgiving Sex Offender Management Board has been empowered by our state legislature to take control of every aspect of your life. Designed to protect the public from SERIOUS sexual predators, our Larimer County sex offender laws are now being applied to everyone involved in minor sex or nudity cases. This inappropriate shift is the result of judges, prosecutors and probation officers fearing that they will be blamed if a person involved in a minor offense, like Public Indecency, reoffends in a more serious way. As a result, the one-size-fits-all sex offender treatment program is out of control. You need an experienced sex offender lawyer at your side if you have been given a ticket, summons or criminal complaint by the police, Larimer County Sheriff or Larimer County Court. Crimes like Sexual Assault, Internet Luring and Sexual Exploitation of a Child are life changing.

Extreme and Unnecessary Sex Offender Measures

Men and women exposing themselves while drunk or on a dare are now being prohibited from having contact with their own children. We see many cases where they are required to quit their jobs because children might be present or alcohol may be served, even if their offense did not involve children or alcohol. Similarly crazy, they are being told to give up their cell phones, take expensive polygraph tests and spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary treatment. If they complain or object to these expenses, they are threatened with probation revocation and a sentence to the Larimer County Jail or Department of Corrections. Offenses like Unlawful Sexual Contact, Position of Trust Sexual Assault and Indecent Exposure can destroy all you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Fear is the Motivation

Judges like their jobs, just like probation officers and the District Attorney. As a result, they will take extreme measures in order to protect their careers from your unpredictable behavior. Sex offenders, just like the mentally ill, are viewed as unpredictable. Government workers do not want to take a chance on you since they don’t know who you are or what you might do. They just know that if you reoffend, public criticism is sure to follow. If it was just a theft charge you committed, the public would not get so up in arms. But, for some reason, the news media loves to sensationalize sex offenses and the public responds in awe. Maybe it is due to public perception that anyone involved in a sexual offense is dangerous. We know this is not true.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”95%”]We know that we are human too, and don’t judge you for your crime.[/pullquote]

Normal People Make Mistakes and We Don’t Condemn You for It

Unlike the government, the attorneys at the O’Malley Law Office do not fear you. We realize that the great majority of sex offenders made a one-time mistake and are remorseful. People who commit a sex offense do not automatically commit others. We know that we are human too, and don’t judge you for your crime. We believe that “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Sex Offender Treatment Professionals Join in to Save Their Jobs

Many of the Sex Offender treatment therapists we work with are great people. But, did you know that they answer directly to Larimer County Probation officers? If your probation officer becomes unhappy with something they let you do, the probation officer will remove you from their treatment program and not send any further referrals to the treatment program. As a result, therapists working in the SOMB system must walk a straight line. They must assume the worst about you until you prove otherwise. And, proving otherwise may take years!

The Process Our Experienced Sex Offender Lawyers Follow

Navigating the complex and powerfully inefficient sex offender treatment world takes years to master. We have that experience after over twenty years of criminal defense law practice. We network with humane treatment professionals and understand their limitations. One of our first goals after being hired is to educate our clients accused of sex offenses. We want to adjust their thinking to understand this new world, and the motivations of every professional they will encounter: from the police officer to the judge to the probation officer. Everyone has a motive of self preservation and will claim “public safety” as their excuse for overkill policies and restrictions on your freedom.

So, don’t delay. Contact a criminal defense law firm with the spunk and determination to protect you from the sex offender management world. Call a lawyer at the O’Malley Law Office today at 970-658-0007, for a free consultation meeting at our old-town Fort Collins Office. Together, we can protect your future.