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As a result of animal rights groups’ pressure, the Colorado legislature has written broad laws impacting you, your pets and your farm animals in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park.  Anything which can be imagined to endanger your pet or work animal can result in charges of Cruelty to Animals when a frantic call is made to police by a concerned citizen.

Fort Collins Cruelty to Animals Attorney: What is Animals Abuse?

According to C.R.S.18-9-202, you can be charged with Animal Abuse and Cruelty to Animals in Larimer County if you do any of the following to an animal:

Right Arrow FoCooverdrive

Right Arrow FoCooverload

Right Arrow FoCooverwork

Right Arrow FoCotorment

Right Arrow FoCodeprive of necessary sustenance

Right Arrow FoCobeat

Right Arrow FoCohouse improperly

Right Arrow FoCoconfine in a car improperly

Right Arrow FoCohave sex with

Right Arrow FoComistreat

Right Arrow FoConeglect or

Right Arrow FoCoimproperly feed

This exhaustive list illustrates that little activity involving your animal can escape the long arm of Colorado police, sheriffs and animal rights activists.

While generally charged as a misdemeanor, animal abuse charges can result in a class 5 felony conviction and imprisonment.  With probation following any conviction, the court will structure a sentence involving classes, no animal possession and community service. Charges of Animal Cruelty can damage a person’s job prospects and housing opportunity.

Larimer County Animal Cruelty Lawyer: What are some Common Animal Cruelty Charges in Colorado?

Most often, Animal Control Officers write tickets for Cruelty to Animals in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park when a person leaves a dog or cat in their car – even with the windows down.  Other concerns arise when a dog tied up in a yard can’t find shade, water or freedom of movement.  We’ve seen charges result from dogs riding in the back of pickups, as well. We also see Cruelty to Animal charges in Larimer County when a person fails to feed his or her pet, or hits or kicks an animal. In one of our cases, a dog bit our client and he swatted the animal.  Charges of Cruelty to Animals can also arise from leaving a dog outside without shade, when water dishes are overturned by pets, and when pets are in a hot environment (Note: If you are interested in working with animals for court ordered community service hours or just for the love of pets, contact the Larimer County Humane society).

Charges result many times following visits by Animal Control officers, who should never be allowed inside your home or yard. Speaking with them is the same as speaking with a police officer, and your statements will be used against you. Don’t speak with them about your pets. If you have been contacted by animal control, a sheriff deputy or police in Larimer County, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call an experienced Larimer County Cruelty to Animals Lawyer at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.