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I’m Facing DUI Charges
Will I Lose My License in Larimer County?

There are two parts to any DUI charge. You will be required to appear in County Court for the criminal proceedings and you will have to schedule a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing in Fort Collins, Boulder, or Loveland Criminal Proceedings for a DUI in Larimer County For your criminal case, the district attorneys Read More

Fort Collins First Degree Criminal Tampering Attorney
Using a Whip to Cut the Power

Utilities and utility boxes are protected under Colorado law and interfering with them will result in criminal charges of Criminal Tampering. A Longmont man was recently arrested and charged with First Degree Criminal Tampering for using an erotic whip to tamper with an electric breaker box of a business. According to the Denver Post, the Read More

Fort Collins Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor Attorney
Teacher Sends Explicit Snapchat to Students

Sending or showing obscene material, like pornography, to anyone under the age of 18 can result in Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor charges in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. A teacher recently pled guilty to the equivalent of this crime for sharing explicit images of himself with three female students via snapchat. According Read More

Fort Collins Domestic Violence Lawyer
Pressing Charges in Colorado Criminal Cases

There is a mistaken belief is that a person can call the police to report a crime and then decide whether or not to press charges. This is not at all the case in Larimer, Boulder, and Grand County. When a crime is reported, the police take over the investigation and if they find evidence Read More

Fort Collins First Degree Murder Attorney
Homicide: Why Would You Admit to Killing Someone on the Stand?

There are different defense strategies that an experienced Fort Collins criminal defense attorney can employ during a homicide criminal trial. I recently read an article about a young man who is on trial in Larimer County for the Kidnapping and Murder of his ex-girlfriend. I have been following the case, and recently read an update Read More

Fort Collins Domestic Violence Vehicular Assault Attorney
Revenge on Daughter’s Ex for Exposing Affair

Intentionally using your vehicle to hurt another person will most likely be charged as Vehicular Assault in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. A mother recently tried to use her car to harm a man she had an affair with while he was dating her daughter. According to the report, the man had told the Read More

Fort Collins Indecent Exposure Attorney
Masturbating During Uber Ride

Indecent Exposure can be charged in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park for more than just an exposure of genitals. Masturbating in public view will also result in this charge. A mayoral candidate was recently charged with Indecent Exposure after his Uber driver reported he was masturbating in the back seat while getting a ride Read More

Fort Collins False Reporting to Authorities Attorney
False Rape Accusations as Revenge

When a crime is reported to the Fort Collins Police or Larimer County Sheriff, the accusations are taken very seriously. This is why a false accusation can mean a victim suddenly becomes a defendant. A woman recently accused a taxi driver of sexually assaulting her as an act of revenge. The driver apparently refused to Read More

Fort Collins Attempted Sexual Assault Lawyer
When Hazing Turns into More Serious Criminal Charges

Hazing is charged anytime someone’s health is put in danger for the purpose of initiating them into a student organization. Sometimes the Hazing can cross serious lines and the actions turn into serious criminal charges. A group of college football players is being charged with Hazing after a teammate was physically attacked, duct taped to Read More

Fort Collins Registering as a Sex Offender Attorney
Sheriff Threatens to Exclude Sex Offenders from Seeking Refuge

Registering as a sex offender is a common sentencing requirement for those convicted of certain sex crimes like Sexual Assault on a Child, Unlawful Sexual Contact, and Indecent Exposure. Recently, a judge ruled that the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act was unconstitutional and, in essence, a cruel and unusual punishment. While that seems like a Read More